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Yoroi Wallet Makes ADA Community Proud

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Yoroi Wallet Makes Cardano (ADA) Community Proud

Cardano (ADA) CEO, Charles Hoskinson, has announced the integration of Cardano’s, Yoroi Wallet, on to its mainnet. The chief executive wants the Cardano community to go ahead and give it a try. Feedback is very welcome as it will enable certain functions at the end of the integration. This means that, from today, Cardano community members will start enjoying a spanking new wallet. Speaking of the functions it will bring on board, the Yoroi Wallet will enable users to send, receive, and store their ADA within the wallet ecosystem. Moreover, it makes the management of ADA a lot easier as the users can use their browsers to manage it.

About Yoroi Wallet

When the company announced the Yoroi Wallet, Hoskinson noted that it is a lightweight wallet that launches instantly, allowing its users to start sending and receiving ADA in a New York minute. Also, the wallet supports five international languages, tailoring it to meet the needs of millions of users around the world. That’s not all. The lightweight Yoroi wallet is also simple, secure, and super fast. In a Twitter post on Monday, the company highlighted the things that users could do with the wallet, adding that they are excited about the launch of the wallet on the mainnet.

The Technical Details of Yoroi Wallet

The Yoroi browser extension will enable all the users to have full control over their funds even without synchronizing to the blockchain. Moreover, the company stated that the wallet allows the users to import their ADA from Daedalus. More details on the wallet show that because the installation package is small, it does not require much bandwidth. Indeed, Yoroi is a lightweight wallet, meaning that it consumes just a smidge of bandwidth as there’s no need for the blockchain’s full copy. Unsurprisingly, the integration of the Yoroi Wallet has sparked jubilation within the global Cardano community.


The community members took to their social accounts to express their excitement about the launch of the Yoroi Wallet. One commenter said that he was expecting the news this week, pointing out that he can finally “go light.” The enthusiast added that he loves the fact that the Cardano community members are receiving more and more means of holding ADA.

In addition, another commenter calls it a piece of awesome news. In his view, the user interface looks “clean and user-friendly.” He commended the development team for the wallet, noting that “[he] can’t wait to use it.


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