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Zilliqa (ZIL), The Blockchain Platform Appoints Yiling Ding As CMO

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A blockchain technology platform, with decentralized applications, Zilliqa (ZIL) appoints Yiling Ding as its Chief Marketing Officer. She is the former head of APAC Marketing of Google Play. Ding joins the company as it starts to increase its marketing efforts so as to drive better acceptance of their technology platform.

Xinshu Dong, the company CEO, says, “We are glad to have Yiling bring her incredible experience and talent to Zilliqa. At Zilliqa we have always been working on hiring the best and brightest and Yiling is a perfect fit for our team. We’re very excited to begin working with her and applying her incredible marketing talent towards helping Zilliqa reach its potential as one of the leading blockchain technology platforms in the world.”

ZIL Gets Listed On Tokenize Xchange

Just days following the appointment of Ding, ZIL is now appearing on Tokenize Xchange. This is a push ZIL very badly needs. The newfound CMO has been fairly instrumental in getting partners at Google. Her new company expects the same from her now.

Zilliqa is, in fact, looking to oust Ethereum thereby becoming the top dApp network of choice. With the experience of Ding, the company anticipates that this is sure to happen.

Tokenize Xchange Advance For Zilliqa

Tokenize, with its expansion task, is making its trading pair collection grow. This is really a great benefit for Zilliqa. ZIL coin has been attracting quite a lot of attention from its investors. In addition to this, the worldwide visibility will begin to transform into a value increase. Thereby the native ZIL coin will see more acceptance and usability.

The company plans on aggressive marketing campaigns for expansion and hence Tokenize Xchange is a road to the market. With Ding onboard this for sure will be a game changer.

Zilliqa Trying For An Edge Over The Ethereum Market

Ethereum at present is facing speed problems which are slowing its transactions. This situation is beneficial as it gives Zilliqa an edge over Ethereum.  Apart from this, the trading platform is working to enhance its security. This, it is trying to achieve via Scilla technology which is incidentally a new programming language. If successful, then this will be the first of its kind in the entire world markets.


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