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DEXON One Step Further In Solving Scalability

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Promising DEXON technology now in testnet phase.

The revolutionary decentralized protocol, DEXON, has attained an important milestone by launching its own testnet. The testnet opens the doors for developers to leverage the benefits of its infinitely-scalable and secure platform.

Through an official press release, The DEXON Foundation, which guides the development of the protocol, announced the launch on Monday, November 12th. The advanced blockchain protocol came to life earlier this year through the visionary leadership of COBINHOOD. A zero-trading-fee exchange and also a leading cryptocurrency services platform, COBINHOOD aims to solve the blockchain scalability issue through its innovative, secure, and credible blocklattice ecosystem.

Co-founder of DEXON Foundation as well as COBINHOOD, Popo Chen, expressed optimism over the launch of the testnet.

“After much anticipation, the DEXON team is proud to mark the first step in our journey of bringing cryptocurrency applications into the mainstream through the launch of testnet, which will underpin the legitimacy of our blocklattice ecosystem,” said Chen.

Exploring the Functions of the DEXON Testnet

Its network holds some really exciting capabilities while drawing the attention of developers. It also allows developers to create an Ethereum-compatible dApp as a proof of concept (PoC).

Note that these tokens will always be valueless. However, they can be useful to test the trades between the nodes of a DEXON simulated blocklattice. The blocklattice has a similar functionality to the main DEXON technology.

This testnet can work in coordination with other services like the user-friendly explorer called DEXSCAN. This explorer will then allow to showcase, confirm and validate all transactions.

Similarly, DeSuKan wallet will allow its users to visit the blocklattice on its browser. It will also allow to view transactions, send tokens, and run dApps.

Currently, the its testnet can perform 10K transactions-per-second (TPS) with just three-second latency. This is really a game-breaking performance considering the current market scenario.

While testing the tremendous capabilities of the its testnet, Chen said: “We hope to continue to spread the word of the potential this technology holds by educating the developer community. The launch of testnet is an important milestone for DEXON, in that it provides a firsthand experience of a technology that was once only a high-level and innovative conversation.


The blockchain was founded earlier this year in 2018 and is most likely the fastest blockchain in the market. DEXON can prove to be a major game-changer just at a time when blockchain development is facing a major hurdle in terms of scalability.

Its network is developed with the aim to meet the increasing demand for real-world blockchain usage. DEXON technology facilitates the parallel working of several blockchain systems. This results in an infinitely scalable, decentralized, and low latency processing engine.

This ability of mass-scalability allows the innovative blockchain to swiftly handle real-life applications.

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