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Global Blockchain Ventures Introduces $100M Tech Venture Fund

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Global Blockchain Ventures Introduces $100M Tech Venture Fund

Global Blockchain Ventures (GBV) has vast interests in blockchain technology in addition to a synergistic technology focus on MedTech, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). To that end, the company has announced the launch of its $100M USD blockchain-based venture capital fund called the Global Blockchain Ventures Fund.

The Fund intends to take advantage of robust alliances around the world as part of the investment and execution strategy. GBV noted that the launch would be in collaboration with lead investor Stonegate Digital Capital Group. Shedding light on the launch, a recent press release said that Stonegate would commit a seven-figure investment to seed the fund.

Meet the Team behind the Move

With interests in a number of tech-driven areas, GBV has a team of experts leading it into a promising future. To help achieve its goal, on its team are AI Weiss, Max Hooper, Dieter Kondek, David Metcalf, and others. The accomplishments of these gurus in their various areas of endeavor speak volumes.

As they bring their expertise to the GBV table, they help to chart a course for the company. From venture capitalism to institutional investments, corporate successes to international entrepreneurship, this team of caliber ensures that GBV has all it needs to succeed. In fact, the team has captained many popular brands such as NASA, Dell, Disney, Techdata, IBM, and the list doesn’t stop.

Global Blockchain Ventures Is Not Resting on Its Laurels

Essentially, the company seeks to build a robust and capable team of venture partners and advisers. In addition to that, the firm is also building mutual relationships with like-minded venture funds. With these partnerships, Global Blockchain Ventures invests in blockchain-based projects. Chiefly, they offer practical and actionable solutions for transforming Florida and the global economy.

Also, GBV will be a bridge-builder between the worlds of traditional venture capital investing and blockchain technology (digital asset investment). Indeed, the blockchain leader won’t only fund them, but it will also provide the beneficiaries with portfolio companies and a supportive ecosystem. In the end, this will lead to long-term success. In collaboration with its partners, GBV has also developed an ecosystem where tech-based startups can grow and thrive.

Meet GBV’s Partner

The company’s partner is Blockchain Financial Group (BFG), a blockchain-based alliance that focuses on ICO consulting, financial services, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency investment. To name a few, BFG holdings include Stonegate Digital Capital Group, Stonegate Global Fund Services, and Stonegate Global Financial Technologies.

Formation of GBV

The Global Blockchain Ventures team leverages the members’ wealth of experience. No doubt, these team players have played vital roles in the development of brands that have become authorities in their various areas. Accordingly, the formation of GBV became critical as a way of offering investors a unique fund structure. Basically, GBV offers services which include expertise, growth support for portfolio companies, and global deal-flow.

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