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MOAC Touts Sharding To Accelerate Blockchain Adoption

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MOAC advocates for sharding as the most expedient blockchain solution.

Google Campus was the host of a Tech Talk seminar that shed light on issues that continue to stifle blockchain adoption. Blockchain enthusiasts shared information on how sharding and microchains can help solve some of the biggest issues facing the emerging technology. In attendance was MOAC (Mother of All Chains ) CEO, David Chen, who shared vital information about the firm’s sharding functionality.

Tech Talk Seminar

The organizer of the blockchain event was ABC Blockchain Community. The community is made up of a group of Google engineers focused on exploring blockchain technology advancement. The group has already brought together over 1,000 people, attesting to the technology’s growing popularity in the tech space.

The Tech Talk seminar provided a perfect platform for the MOAC CEO to underscore sharding technology viability. In a keynote speech, Mr. Chen pointed out how existing technologies, as well as blockchain platforms, continue to suffer from steep learning curves. Complexity, as well as high usage fees, have also continued to stifle adoption and scalability.

Addressing the underlying issues is no longer an option, but a must in a bid to accelerate blockchain adoption. However, the need to maintain high levels of security as well as avoid centralization are some of the hurdles to overcome.

MOAC Sharding Technology

MOAC has since provided a way out of the dilemma that will accelerate blockchain adoption while ensuring security and decentralization. The firm introduced a multi-layer blockchain platform that adopts a layered architecture and sharding technology.

In a bid to solve scalability, each layer in the platform performs a specific function. For instance, the lower layer will process overall account transfers. Likewise, the upper layer will deploy contracts by leveraging microchain. The use of microchains enables reconciliation between security, performance, and scalability. It also enables large-scale commercial applications.

MOAC’s dual incentive mechanism and low-cost cooperative construction greatly increase MOAC expansion momentum. MOAC also supports non-token chains. The token and chain-based tokenization solution (ATO + one-click chain) achieves market pricing and the exchange of the microchains native tokens,” the MOAC foundation notes.

The MOAC Multilayer platform relies on one-click chain deployment designed to solve high-cost issues. In addition, it is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain which allows easy transfer of apps between the two platforms.

Mother of All Chains is now hoping to surpass Ethereum given its multi-layered architecture. The architecture should continue to support microchains as well as crosschain transactions. What this means is that the blockchain platform will no longer experience scalability issues that continues to grip the likes of EOS and Ethereum.

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