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Qtum – A Hybrid Platform To Keep On Your Radar

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Qtum - A Hybrid Platform To Keep On Your Radar

One year since the launch, the cryptocurrency project is making its significance felt! The Qtum team is pushing important and timely updates for the further growth of the platform.

Let us look into some of the recently introduced updates for Qtum over the last month. But before we proceed, let’s take an overview of the platform.

Familiarizing Yourself with Qtum

Qtum is an open-source, decentralized blockchain application platform with a native digital token, QTUM. The platform offers the application merits of both – Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Being a hybrid of the two, Qtum is a value transfer protocol which also supports decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

Releasing the New Qtum Core

Last month, the team released Qtum Core v0.16.0 and v0.16.1. These newly released upgrades bring important user features like bech32 addresses, default HD wallet, and a segwit wallet.

The latest Core upgrade solves several of the previous bugs. It includes the bug removal where contract transactions would fail without any changes. Furthermore, it also solved the bug which wouldn’t allow multiple logs to appear correctly in a Qtum wallet.

The most recent Core release also supports Ubuntu Bionic by updating the gitian-build scripts that continue to merge Qtum with Bitcoin v0.17 code.

Working on the New Website and Mobile Wallet

The team is currently building a new framework and implementing the forum design, as they continue to develop Qtum’s new official website. Along with the website, the Qtum team is also developing the framework for its mobile wallet.

The version 2 of the Qtum mobile wallet hosts a newly optimized UI. The latest version is ready to be released on the iOS and Android platforms pretty soon.

Moreover, the Qtum web wallet has recently added more QRC-20 tokens.

Additional Developments With Qtum Electrum, Qtum Explorer and x86 Virtual Machine

In September, the team released a new version, v0.18.8 of Qtum Electrum, that brings several optimizations on-board. The latest Electrum version hosts better Chinese translations and automatic saving of contact details after broadcasting OP_CREATE transaction. Furthermore, it fixes the existing system crash issues by introducing a crash reporter.

The Qtum Explorer update overcomes bug fixes of invalid QRC20/QRC721 bugs as well as the data display error. It also brings new API information and more charts on

With the x86 Virtual Machine, Qtum brings along a few important improvements. This includes adding repz-ret AMD hack compatibility, adding raw output mode for the x86test bench, and fixing bugs with gas refunds.

A Serious Ethereum Challenger

Projects like Qtum and TRON are gaining more visibility as Ethereum continues to face scalability issues. Qtum is slowly gaining momentum while TRON (TRX) is all set to gain a spot in the top ten digital currencies.

A number of formidable challengers to Ethereum are emerging in the crypto-space with projects like Qtum and TRON setting up the trend.


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