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SIMBA Chain Will Usher U.S. Air Force Into Blockchain Era

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SIMBA Chain to implement blockchain into US Air Force supply chain.

A cloud-based Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, SIMBA Chain, has won a contract to allow the U.S. Air Force to explore its platform. Basically, the U.S. Air Force would use the company’s platform to understand how blockchain technology can enhance its logistics and supply chain operations. This has become critical given that the Air Force has a complicated logistics and supply chain network. Within its network, the Air Force moves huge parts to different nooks and crannies around the world. As a result, this system needs to function at optimum without any interruption.

How the U.S. Air Force Will Deploy the SIMBA Platform

Media reports say that the Air Force would be using SIMBA Chain to scale its supply chain following a request the institution made earlier this year. Through Small Business Innovation Research (BIR), the Department of Defense (DoD) asked for innovative technologies that can streamline its supply chain and logistics network. While making the call, DoD, which controls the U.S. Air Force, maintained that the cutting-edge technological approach must have commercial applications. Moreover, DoD pointed out that the measure has become necessary because a need exists for Air Force’s supply chain and logistics network to stay ahead of the tech curve.

Blockchain in Supply Chain and Logistics Network

Indeed, with blockchain technology, techies can connect the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, the connection can provide a consensus network and a permanent digital ledger. With those, there will be total decentralization of business and manufacturing. In fact, this is also applicable in industries, government institutions, manufacturing sectors, and healthcare.

Official Statements

A senior engineer at Air Force Research Lab, Brenchley Boden, got on the soapbox. The Air Force personnel explained the idea behind the development. In his views, the senior engineer noted that they plan to move “what was once a broad, strategic concept to reality.” Boden said that “Digital Thread is game-changing,” and that they are determined to lead the charge.

Responding, the CEO and Founder of SIMBA Chain, Joel Neidig, expressed his excitement over the new deal. The chief executive pointed out that his team is extremely “excited to be the first implementers of blockchain across the entire Digital Thread.” He noted that the implementation will go a long way toward securing it and “applying non-repudiable and immutable ledger.

The Technology Propelling SIMBA Chain

BaaS concept enables dApp developers to build their dApps on the SIMBA Chain and link it directly to users without third-party interference. With the aid of Microsoft Government Azure cloud platform, SIMBA Chain provides a highly secure, open-source and stable ecosystem for users.

Basically, SIMBA Chain aims to tackle the common blockchain industry challenge: scalability. To achieve this, SIMBA Chain provides the robust infrastructure to store immutable data for dApp development. SIMBA Chain’s BaaS platform has four features. These features are SIMBA Event, Data Bundle, SIMBA API, and Custom Business APIs.

Risk Disclosure

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