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Ripple (XRP) Expedites Network Expansion Token Adoption

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Ripple XRP

Last week, XRP rose by 7%, renewing investors’ confidence in the cryptocurrency. Well, this good tiding happened after some months of awful performance. Indeed, the XRP community played a role in making this reality. Also, the XRP team is making effort in preparing it for the next bull run. No doubt, investors patiently await it. Oh, yes, it is long overdue.

Ripple is Expanding

Sure, Ripple expands at a fast rate with the objective of enhancing the global financial services industry. The platform is developed to bridge the widening gap between the traditional financial services industry and blockchain ecosystem. Without mincing words, Ripple is doing great in that spectrum.

To this end, Ripple Labs has been supplying the industry with products that surpass their business needs. With these products, its clients are sure to have a feel of the values that the blockchain delivers.

Ripple Products are Getting Adopted

What’s more? Ripple products are getting adopted every day. Some of these products are payment solutions, social media apps, and many others. A typical example is xRapid. Yes, Ripple’s xRapid is doing an amazing job. What’s xRapid anyway? It’s a cheap cross-border payment product that guarantees speed and scalability. Today, xRapid has been tipped as the next-gen cross-border value transfer over multiple platforms.

XRP is Getting Accepted

Lest we forget, merchants around the world are increasingly accepting the XRP token. Indeed, that’s a good sign. It is by far the most preferred among other altcoins. Also, the exchanges are not left out as they are listing the token. This is happening amid wide controversy that rocks the Ripple Labs.

Apart from Coinbase exchange, every other highly rated exchange has listed XRP. According to stats, its liquidity rose by 300% in one year. More so, about 105 exchanges trade it. Though, just about 29 exchanges did the same last year. Now, that’s amazing!

Ripple’s Taking xCurrent to the SME’s

Sure, some weeks ago, Ripple introduced its product, xCurrent. The product offers exciting benefits such as real-time payment settlements, transparency, and many others. From the foregoing, it’s apparent the product is a good buy.

Additionally, Ripple says that it plans to cover a large section of the global financial industry. They listed banks to corporate organizations, and then go ahead to cover the SMEs. Ripple Labs will reduce their current cost of payment processing, the management noted.

Ripple Platform is being Embraced

Indeed, the Ripple platform and XRP are being embraced at an amazing rate. The reason is that the company is developing products that tackle business challenges. At this rate of adoption, XRP may surpass Ethereum (ETH) to become the world’s second most capitalized token.


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